Why I love The Small Age Gap Between My Children

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Telling people I had two children in two years, is often followed by the words: juggling act, chaotic, you’re crazy, you’ve got your hands full! Although, yes it most certainly is a juggling act, there are also plenty of amazing things about having a small age gap. I had my second child when Mr I was 18 months old and here are five reasons why I love the small age gap between my children.

1. Their Bond

They really are little best friends, and it is so beautiful, watching their relationship blossom. Neither remember life without each other and they are used to doing everything together. I love watching them laughing with one another and sharing big cuddles. As all siblings, they get on each other’s nerves, so I separate them, but they are then soon crying for each other again! I sincerely hope they stay close and will be able to rely on each other throughout their life.

2. Entertain Each Other

Now they are both older (Mr I is 3.75 and Miss C is 2), they play together a lot. Although I do still have to break up fights and mediate, this gives me more time to do things! Don’t get me wrong, they definitely still need their alone time, but especially if there’s a day I’m not feeling great, I can put out a couple of activities and they play together and interact with each other, without relying on my input so much anymore. Mr I is starting to really enjoy imaginative play, and he is always telling his sister what to do: “Come on, let’s put out this fire!” or “Quick, hop on the city cat.” It is priceless to watch, and also means mum doesn’t have to always be the passenger on the city cat, haha! #winwin

3. Baby Era Done In One Hit

When Miss C was born, Mr I was still in the ‘baby’ phase for a lot of things. He wore nappies, had a dummy, slept in a cot, used a highchair, had a milk bottle. I had intended on changing some of these things by the time he was that age, eg transition to a little table, however, being heavily pregnant, it made life so much easier to be able to strap him in to eat. He was also still very happy doing all of these things – he was not ready to move to a bed, and had no complaints about going into the highchair, so we thought, why rush him? As for the dummy, his whole world was about to be turned upside down by adding a sibling, so we decided it was not the best time to try and take his comfort item off him. This meant that, when Miss C was born, I was already still in ‘baby’ phase in a lot of ways, so it wasn’t like starting all over again, and wasn’t such a shock to my system. This is a big reason why I love the small age gap between my children. I also still had all of my baby items on hand and was still in that ‘baby’ state of mind.

4. They Are More Relevant To Each Other

In many ways, their close age gap means they can relate quite well to each other and have lots in common. They are also interested in a lot of the same things and it is fairly easy to find activities that entertain both of them. They also both enjoy reading the same books with me, and I can teach them things together. Although, of course, Mr I is older and therefore knows more, I feel Miss C is almost catching up to him in terms of learning and vocabulary – she is much more advanced than what he was at that age. This makes it easier for me, as one activity can be relevant to both of their developmental needs, such as fine motor or gross motor skills.

5. They Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Not only do they entertain each other, they actually enjoy playing together. They are not playing together out of obligation or to help mum out, but because they are best friends and love spending time together. I don’t think I’ve ever had to say the words, ‘please go and play with your sister,’ (I just double checked with my husband and he agrees that I haven’t said that!) Mr I wants to play with her (and vise versa). As soon as they wake up in the morning, they are instantly playing together, and wanting to be near each other. It may be wishful thinking, but I hope they sincerely enjoy each other’s company for many years to come!

These are just five reasons why I love the small age gap between my children.

Do you have any to add?

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