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7 self-care regimes I am loving right now

As a mum, self-care is something that is often neglected. Now that my children are a bit older (3.5 and 2) I have been making a conscious effort to try and incorporate more self-care. It’s amazing how much better you can feel, both mentally and physically, by just taking the time to do a few things for yourself.

When do I do these things, do you ask? Either when the children are sleeping, during TV time, when they are in the bath (and I can stand in the bathroom at the same time), when they are occupied playing or when my husband is home. Self-care for mums: here are 7 self-care regimes I am loving right now.

1. Face Mask Once A Week

I have been really loving getting back into a good skin care routine, and this includes a face mask once a week. I usually apply it once the children are in bed of a night, and I can sit back and enjoy, whilst watching my favourite TV show.

2. Electronic Foot Care Roller On My Heels

I was recently given an electric roller to use on cracked heels, and I love it! It takes less than 5 minutes and helps my feet feel so much smoother. Afterwards I quickly put some moisturizer on, followed by socks to help it soak in. Sometimes I do this in the morning, other times at night before bed. As a mum, we are on our feet a lot, and as a result can easily get cracked, dry heels. I’ve only been trying to take care of my heels for a few weeks and the difference is already amazing! I try to do it at least once a week, but more when I think of it. Of course, you can always use a good old pumice stone or even just moisturizing your heels can help.

3. Moisturizing

Something else I have recently added to my morning routine, is moisturizing my stomach with some stretch mark cream, and then my legs with normal moisturizer. This is something that literally only takes a couple of minutes, but it’s lovely not to have such dry skin anymore. Self-care for mums doesn’t have to be fancy, even just little things like moisturizing can help us to feel more human and bring a sense of normality.

4. Flossing

I have seriously neglected flossing since having children. A few months ago, I had to have a tooth pulled out, it was so painful, and the recovery was challenging, especially with young children to look after. This really prompted me to try to take better care of my teeth, and I started flossing much more regularly. To be honest, I have actually been a bit lazy again lately, but this is a great reminder for me to get back into it! Although I always brush my teeth at least twice a day, they feel so much cleaner after a good floss! Your wallet will also thank you, if you can avoid unnecessary dentist trips.

5. Paint Toenails

I personally, never bother painting my fingernails, as the nail polish barely lasts a day before it’s chipped. However, I love painted toenails. Thankfully, the polish seems to last ages before it starts to chip. Every couple of weeks, I give my toenails a cut and top up the polish. Once every couple of months I remove the nail polish and paint a new colour. Especially in summer, it feels nice to have pretty toenails! This is something that can also be done whilst the children are awake, and many older children enjoy having theirs painted too!

6. Pluck Eyebrows

I know many people prefer to get their eyebrows professionally waxed/threaded, if this is the case for you, try and schedule it in regularly when you are able to organise a babysitter. For me, I am too impatient to let the hairs grow long enough for this to be possible, and having dark hairs makes any growth very noticeable. Instead, I pluck stray hairs every couple of days after I wash my face and then a decent pluck maybe once a week. Having groomed eyebrows can make a world of difference in feeling well-kept!

7. Exercise

Exercise is something I personally really enjoy, and something I really missed when the children were younger, as I wasn’t able to do it much. Some people like to go for walks or workout at home, and if that works for you, great! For me, I really enjoy fitness classes, and am more motivated when I have an instructor encouraging me. I also really enjoy the break from my children, as I am a full-time stay at home mum, so being able to get away for an hour, is bliss. I try to go to two gym classes a week. As I mentioned in my post, the best ways to lose weight after pregnancy, the endorphins released during exercise can do wonders for mental health, and although I feel tired, I feel refreshed when I return home. If going to a gym isn’t your thing or not possible at the moment, getting your body moving in any way, even just a stroll around the block, has so many benefits!

How do I remember to do these things? I have weekly reminders set in my phone, for my face mask and electronic roller on my heels. I leave my moisturizers and floss next to my toothbrush as a reminder. Self-care for mums, your list might look completely different to mine. Personally, these are things I enjoy doing, that make me feel better about myself. I know some people prefer to read a book in a bubble bath or go to a salon to get their nails done. If it is hard for you to find a babysitter, it might be easier to find things you can do at home. Some things, you can even involve your children in, depending how old they are, like flossing teeth.

The aim of this post is to encourage you to increase your self-care and demonstrate some of the simple ways we can look after ourselves, all of which are totally manageable with young children. Yes, I have to make the time for it. Yes, sometimes I really can’t be bothered. But I always feel glad I made the effort afterwards. As a mother, we are on call 24/7 and the days can be long and draining. Self-care for mums – because you deserve it!

What are you favourite self-care regimes?

Keep Smiling Mama,

Annette xx

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