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This is an excellent playground, fully-fenced with a huge wooden forte, multiple slides, swings and sandpit area. Some sections are quite high, so needs constant supervision for children under two. In saying that, there is still plenty for the little ones to do, Miss C loved the swings and the smaller slide The sand base is also nice and soft and perfect for building sandcastles so bring your buckets and spades. There are some shade sails, but it can get a bit hot. It is right near the water though, so a lovely breeze and views. There are toilets and bubblers nearby and good parking. It is fairly quiet during the week, but popular on weekends and school holidays. There is also grassy areas nearby for picnics, some gazebos and a BBQ. There’s also a path along the water, perfect for scooting along. It is a fairly large area, but I was able to keep an eye on both children. The red tunnel slides were so much fun, but younger children may need someone at the bottom to help catch them! Will definitely go back here again.


Fully fenced

Some shade sails

Variety of equipment – multiple slides, swings, sandpit area, climbing, large wooden forte

Sand base

Bubblers & toilets

Lots of grass and trees for picnics

Good parking

Overall, I give this playground 4 stars! I would just love some more shade, and a few more railings to make the higher parts a bit safer. A great playground to go to on a playdate or just to get out of the house for an hour. The children enjoyed it!